E Ink: Beyond the eBook

See how E Ink Segmented SURF displays can make your product unique

Do you need to integrate a display into your product and find current technologies a challenge? Are you looking to convey alpha-numeric characters, and don’t need a high resolution solution?

Watch our webinar to understand how the unique features of an E Ink SURF display can allow for design freedom not possible with a typical display.

Learn how the technology that drives the eBook market can also enable new applications not requiring a high resolution, graphical display.

Who will benefit from this webinar?

  • Designers looking to match a display to their design and not the other way around
  • Product Managers looking to add a unique solution to their products
  • Electrical Engineers looking to reduce their power budget
  • Mechanical Engineers wanting alignment features built into their display
  • Anyone who values a light weight, sunlight readable display that is also shatterproof
  • People that are bored with Fortnite
  • Anyone who has given up on relationships and would rather focus on technology


Presenter’s Bio:

Steve O'Neil is the Senior Manager for the SURF Display Business at E Ink, focusing on new business development and sales. Steve is responsible for supporting new and existing customers for this product line in the United States, Canada and Europe. Products using E Ink SURF Displays span Consumer Electronics, Mobile Devices, Industrial Applications and Medical Devices. Steve has twenty-five years of experience in New Product Introduction with E Ink, The LEGO Group and GTE Government Systems.


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