Digital Paper Enables New Hospital Applications

Watch our free webinar to learn how E Ink can make an impact in healthcare communication quality

America's third leading cause of death is medical error. When it comes to patient care, the right communication is critical.

Hospitals using Digital Paper displays say that they have saved money while improving efficiency, and that patients and clinicians have improved experiences. In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn about example cases of ePaper displays in healthcare and see how they can improve the entire experience and quality.

We're excited that we were able to have a special guest take part in this webinar from an E Ink System Integrator. DCI, will speak to provide customer perspective as the first to install Digital Paper in a US hospital!

Who will benefit from this webinar?

  • Healthcare clinicians
  • Healthcare operation managers
  • Healthcare IT professional
  • Healthcare digital solution providers
  • IT integration service
  • Digital signage providers
  • Audio & Video professionals
  • & anyone interested in improving healthcare!

Presenter’s Bios:

JQ Xi is a Strategic Partnership Manager at E Ink. In this role, JQ is responsible for the US healthcare market business development and strategic partnership formation. Currently, JQ is mainly focused on awareness promotion in healthcare community for Digital Paper technology and building the partnership to serve US healthcare market.

Stanley Chiang is the Director of Strategic Partnership in E Ink. Stanley has many years of experience in business development for the global healthcare market and its ecosystem. In this role, Stanley is leading the Strategic Partnership Development team in E Ink to bring Digital Paper to the healthcare industry in the US.

Ryan Robb is the Director of Business Development in DCI Health Technology. DCI is dedicated to bringing cutting edge, innovative products and services to the market. Currently, DCI is working with E Ink to bring Digital Paper displays to US healthcare facilities. Ryan and other DCI team members are deeply rooted in US healthcare community. In this role, Ryan is leading the business development effort in DCI.



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