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Addressing Hospital Pain Points with Digital Paper Solutions


What You'll Learn:

The need to improve the patient experience is driving hospitals’ digitalization efforts in order to enhance communication, improve workflow efficiency, and ensure patient safety. Real-time data automated from an EMR/HER system onto a digital display can keep everyone informed, but many hospitals are facing two challenges: complex and costly installation, and the balance of making information available and preventing the display’s light pollution from disturbing patients.


A new technology, Digital Paper, is coming to the healthcare industry to fill the gap. Join the panel discussion with E Ink, Landmark Hospitals, and iMedtac to learn about a case study in Landmark Hospitals, FL using Digital Paper, and how Taiwan hospitals are utilizing digital health and technologies to fight COVID-19 while enhancing the Patient & Clinician experience. We will also discuss how you can try Digital Paper in your Hospital through our Device Loaner Program.


Register free to watch this webinar replay from the the The Beryl Institute Virtual Patient Experience Conference 2020!


Paul Apen, Chief Business & Operations Officer, E Ink Corporation

Sara LaPorte, VP of Orthopedics and Surgical Services, Landmark Hospitals

Jason Miao, Business Development Manager, : iMedtac Co., Ltd


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