Bright Ideas, Greener Planet: ePaper for Sustainable Advertising

Viewers will learn how E Ink’s ePaper offers several advantages over traditional display technologies, making it an innovative solution for DOOH signage.

E Ink ePaper displays consume zero power when they’re not updating, can be battery or solar powered, and do not contribute to light pollution. This makes ePaper the solution for brands and advertisers looking to create impact, reduce costs, and align with consumer preferences and sustainability goals for more energy-efficient and climate-friendly technology.
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Presenter’s Bio:

Jonathan Margalit


In his role as Sr. Business Development Manager for E Ink’s Commercial Team, Jonathan is responsible for promoting ePaper technology for outdoor and indoor applications. Prior to E Ink, Jonathan held business development, product management, and technical marketing positions with Bayer Materials Science, Siemens, and Thermo Fisher Scientific in Various fields. Jonathan holds a PhD from the University of Aachen, Germany (RWTH Aachen). 


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