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E Ink's Digital Paper is revolutionizing transportation signage by bringing the power of real-time updates to transportation patrons, and by reducing the need for construction costs and increasing a community's sustainability efforts through the use of solar power.

E Ink does not sell a finished product. Rather, we work with our System Integrators who combine our panels with their hardware and software solutions to provide an end product to the market. Learn more about our valuable partners below.


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Axentia is a leading company in developing cutting edge battery- and solar-powered real-time display systems for public transport. We create opportunities for both society and people to move forward – with cost-effective, sustainable products and system solutions. 

Axentia has delivered the ultra-low powered real-time information displays with the E Ink modules since 2016. There is a wide product range with many design options available for customers based on 9,7”, 13” and 31,2” E ink modules, single or double-sided, landscape or portrait orientated.

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CHK America is a premier provider of ePaper-based digital signage and static wayfinding solutions for the public transportation industry.

In conjunction with our sister company Connectpoint®, we power over 2 billion trips annually, helping transit riders make informed decisions. In addition to public transit, CHK services industries such as municipal government, traffic, aviation and hospitality.

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Digital View

Digital View is releasing a range of E Ink panel specific interface solutions for public signage of all types, both indoor and outdoor, and other commercial applications to include panel sizes from 13.3" and larger, both monochrome and color. In addition to standard models, Digital View will support custom engineering requests as well as project development and support. 

Since 1995 Digital View has been providing companies globally with feature-rich, high-reliability flat-panel interface solutions for non-consumer monitors, displays, and other commercial systems. 

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GDS is proud to introduce e-Tela, its revolutionary product range for large screen digital signage, that uses E Ink® technology to open up a whole new spectrum of performance options previously not thought possible.

Strongly believing in eco-sustainability and the potential applications for this technology, GDS entered into a Joint Development Agreement with E Ink, with the aim to translate the capabilities of E Ink technology into effective large format displays.

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Since 1928, Luminator Technology Group has been creating positive passenger experiences in the bus, rail, and aerospace markets. Learn more about company improvements and innovation to serve customer's evolving needs.


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Mercury Innovation is a leading Sydney based design/engineering company providing cutting edge traffic solutions for a range of industry clients.


Learn More - Mercury Innovation website




Papercast specializes in real-time passenger information, with a focus on solar powered, wireless e-paper bus stop displays. Papercast offers a completely future-proof replacement for legacy electronic systems and traditional paper timetables, while providing the ideal technology platform for smart city public transport information solutions.​


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SolStreet uses E Ink digital signage to promote smart city infrastructure and green mobility.  The high contrast display provides real-time information and service alerts updatable from a central location, with excellent readability even in direct sunlight.  Solar energy enables easy installation with no disruptive electrical trenching and can provide resilient power in emergencies.

Learn more - SolStreet website




Soofa is committed to building dynamic and connected hardware networks, creating the cities of tomorrow today and to creating people-focused technology, blending useful transit and neighborhood information with relevant local messaging and advertising.

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