Case Studies

SolStreet Case Study: A Smart Business Model on Display

The Solstreet Bench serves as a convenient place for people to get virtual updates, charge their phone, and take a seat while being cost-free to the city. Download this free case study to learn how and read about the impact Solstreet has in making in our growing cities better and smarter! Learn More.


QuirkLogic Case Study: Taking the Remote Out of Learning and Work

QuirkLogic is bringing a new way to the world of remote work and remote learning through their partnership with E Ink. Read this free case study to learn how digital paper is capable of making in impact in any sort of display product or industry, including remote work and learning. Learn More.


Motion Display Delivers A 66% Retail Sales Increase

With E Ink and Motion Display, retail sellers like Hidden Valley Ranch saw a 66% increase in sales! Download this free case study to learn how it works and for an outlook into how your store or brand can become much more profitable by catching the attention of the customer. Learn More.


Soofa Creates a Neighborhood News Feed for the 21st Century

A big aspect of a successful smart city is the need to give citizens easy access to live information. Download this case study for an outlook into the impact Soofa is making in our growing cities to become better and smarter. Learn More.