The Digital Paper Tablet

Is your company, lab or university looking for a digital device that allows you to easily annotate documents and share them with colleagues, co-workers or students? One that gives you a true paper-like reading and writing experience, without distraction and without needing a charge every few hours? A device that allows for easy filing and document exchange?


Have you looked at the options on the market, and while they seem to address your needs, you need custom software, or a closed document sharing system?


If so, E Ink, through our partners, can work with your company to help create a solution that addresses your pain points. With the help of our ecosystem partners, we are linking people looking for a solution, like you, with our partner companies, who can help develop your own solution.


The Digital Paper tablet offers a paper-like experience for reading, annotating and note taking on letter size documents. The glare free, easy on the eyes display is great for longer term immersive reading, even in direct sunlight. A non-slip surface delivers the “feel” of pen on paper when highlighting, annotating, or erasing on documents. With a thin, lightweight yet durable design, and long battery life, the Digital Paper tablet can improve existing document workflows to deliver a better, more efficient user experience.


The functionality and user interface can be customized to meet the specific needs of applications across many industrial and educational market segments including: STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) disciplines, higher education, corporate training, legal, finance, publishing and government. Software development kits, tool sets, and technical support are available to assist developers in creating the optimal paper like experience tailored to the specific needs of many workflow applications.


Features and benefits

  • Letter size - full page view, no scrolling or zooming
  • Reads like paper - no glare, use indoors or outside
  • Annotate, highlight, erase - enable active reading
  • Take handwritten notes – organize your thoughts and ideas
  • Always on - quick access to documents and notes
  • Long battery life - about three weeks
  • Thin, lightweight - similar to about 30 pieces of paper
  • Durable and unbreakable - take it anywhere
  • Secure – keep documents digital
  • Wireless enabled – access documents and notes anywhere
  • Customizable – optimize for use with existing applications

Methods of integration with services

The Digital Paper tablet can integrate with existing services by optimizing an existing Android application for use on the ePaper display. The optimized Digital Paper Android application can then sync with service applications running on PC/Mac, tablet, or smartphone devices. Likewise, an existing web application can be optimized for use on the ePaper display and in a similar manner sync with the service on other devices.


The Digital Paper tablet can also integrate with existing services by utilizing Digital Paper Control Server Software(DCSS). DCSS includes a set of API’s that enable sending and receiving unique documents to unique Digital Paper tablets. Additional API’s manage the control of folder, document, display, and authentication settings.


Software development kits, tool sets, and technical support are available to assist in developing the optimal paper like experience.


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